Mia Cinelli (US)

As a multidisciplinary artist and designer, my practice encompasses an eclectic span of investigations, including conceptual products, sculptures, installations, garments, and graphics, ranging from poetic to pragmatic. I consider myself to be a designer of experiences, interactions, and dialogues. While my work is often rooted in typography or product design, its subject matter is constantly shifting. At times I will convey an emotion or attempt to address a personal inquiry. Other times, my work will respond to an event or critique a cultural shift. In other, more applied instances, I will work from a specific brief, using methods of human-centered design to deliver tailored design solutions.

Considering themes of guilt and apologies, I am creating pennants of penance. Hand-sewn with custom-designed typography, this humorous play on words is intended to spark a conversation on culpability and identity while engaging in a time-consuming and self-reflective process of embroidery and stitching.